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The Feast From The North-East

As March arrived and the first signs of spring began to sprout, the UK was hit by a climatic phenomenon known as a ‘polar vortex’, and nicknamed ‘The Beast From The East’. As traditionally happens at the first sign of a snow sprinkling, the country came to a standstill and froze in its tracks. However this, for once, seemed justifiably different. The 24 hour news channels were full of stories of motorway carparks and schools and businesses closing nationwide. Roving reporters were sent out in their warmest winter jackets to give us the updates and deliver the news that this was an historic meteorological event.


Nowhere was this more apparent than in the North-East of the country. At Sunderland Royal Hospital, the weather was so treacherous that staff could not get safely to or from work as major travel disruptions hit. In response, the hospital set up wards for the staff so they could sleep overnight and ensure there was minimal disruption to patient care. An amazing feat of going above and beyond, and pulling together in times of need.


As the news broke that the local hospital had put these measures in place, Wearside Farm, only a couple of miles down the road, decided it was their chance to help a great cause. Through the conditions they braved and headed to Sunderland Royal Hospital with a delivery of the famous Farmhouse Inns Cakeaway. Any help, in whatever form was surely going to help the NHS staff in this extreme circumstance. As you can imagine they were completely delighted with the efforts and thoughts shown by the team at Wearside Farm, a real feat of pulling together within the local community. It certainly helped that the cakes, all made on site by Farmhouse Inns Cake-A-Tiers, are completely delicious, but a small act of kindness for our amazing NHS staff felt like the least they could do.


Well done Wearside Farm!

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