Brindley Farm, Etruria Valley
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What's your Farmhouse Thing?

Do it your way... and do it in style

Trying to find a place to eat and drink that all the family loves; you know the dilemma. Mum wants Hunter's Chicken, the kids want veggie sausages and Dad wants to pile his plate high with all his carvery favourites.

We know everyone's different, which is why this summer we're celebrating the creative platers, the food experimenters and the always-choose-the-same-ers at Farmhouse Inns. Want to eat dessert first? That's fine with us. Want to add ketchup to your gravy? We'll bring a bottle right to you.

Eat what you want, how you want, when you want and with whoever you want. That's our Farmhouse thing – what's yours?

The Party Starter Cake

What's your... favourite way to celebrate?

If a special meal with all the family isn't complete without a slice of cake, you'll be pleased to know our Cake-a-Tiers have done it AGAIN! Meet The Party Starter, our all-NEW signature cake, available in your local Farmhouse Inns till the 2nd of September.

Created by Hillfield Farm Cake-a-Tiers Sarah Barnett and Andrea Roberts-McLoughlin to mark Farmhouse Inns' 20th Birthday, The Party Starter features big and bouncy layers of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla sponges each smothered in matching frosting. Once it's stacked to perfection, the cake is finished with drips of white chocolate, Florentine Wafers and chunks of chocolate flake.

Iced Latte

What's your... go-to coffee combination?

We all love a hot cup of coffee to add a little spring in our step, but in the summer? It's time to switch things up. During the sunshine season the Iced Lattes reign supreme, each with a double shot of espresso, a big slug of milk and chunks of ice. Enjoy yours as it is, or let us sweeten the deal with a shot of vanilla or caramel syrup.

Our Iced Latte range won't be around forever, so drop in and order yours before the 2nd of September.

Refreshing drinks

What's your... summer thirst quencher?

Warm weather getting a little too hot to handle? You need refreshing drinks, and fast. Whether you love very-berry flavours or something a little more citrusy, our signature cocktails are the ultimate way to chill out in the sunshine. Sit back and relax with our classic Woo Woo, made with JJ Vodka, Archers Peach Schnapps and cranberry juice, or take a sip on our brr-illiant Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, blended to perfection with Bacardi Carta Blanca rum.

And if you prefer to go big on taste but low on alcohol, order up an Elderflower Spritz 0% Cocktail, with apple juice, Schweppes Elderflower Tonic and a twist of lime.

Ice Cream Counter

What's your... sundae special?

Can't get enough Chocolate Brownie? In love with Mint Choc Chip? Whichever ice cream flavour you couldn't live without, you'll find it here at Farmhouse Inns. Our Ice Cream Parlour is filled to the brim with Beechdean Ice Cream, made here in the UK using creamy rich Jersey milk, and there are TWELVE flavours to choose from, including Toffee Fudge, Salted Caramel, Cookies & Cream and Bubblegum. 

So Much more to explore this summer

Great-value food and drink in a family-friendly setting – there's a lot to love about Farmhouse Inns. Save a little time for a little summer celebration with us.

Takeaway Cake & Carvery

Staying in this summer?

From big games to box-sets, and everything in between. When you can't bear to leave the living room (or let's face it, get out of your pyjamas), why not let us bring the Farmhouse flavour to you? Our takeaway menu is tailor-made for easy-peasy lunches and dinners, with a whole lot of choice for all the family to enjoy this summer – including desserts and our famous carvery. Place your order then click and collect from your local or get it delivered to your door via our trusted delivery partners. Consider your summer sofa day meal sorted.