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All of the unique signature cakes in our cabinet are lovingly crafted and baked in-pub by our talented Farmhouse Cake-a-tiers.


Great ingredients

1. Our Farmhouse Cake-a-tiers mix together the finest ingredients.

+ Amazing creativity

2. Along with creativity and passion, they create the most amazing looking and tasting cakes.

= Incredible cakes

3. Displayed proudly in our cake cabinets, pop in for the ultimate indulgent or try our seasonal limited edition favourites.

Too full after your meal? Enjoy a slice of Farmhouse at your house and take a slice (or two!) home and enjoy whenever you like, if you can resist temptation on the way home!

You can order and take home one of our whole show-stopping signature cakes for £64.99.
Pop into your local Farmhouse Inns to order.

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