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All of the unique signature cakes in our cabinet are lovingly crafted and baked in-pub by our talented Farmhouse Cake-a-tiers.


Great ingredients

1. Our Farmhouse Cake-a-tiers mix together the finest ingredients.

+ Amazing creativity

2. Along with creativity and passion, they create the most amazing looking and tasting cakes.

= Incredible cakes

3. Displayed proudly in our cake cabinets, pop in for the ultimate indulgent or try our seasonal limited edition favourites.

Too full after your meal? Enjoy a slice of Farmhouse at your house and take a slice (or two!) home and enjoy whenever you like, if you can resist temptation on the way home!

You can order and take home one of our whole show-stopping signature cakes for £64.99.
Pop into your local Farmhouse Inns to order.

We're huge fans of bake offs and always rise to the challenge when creating new masterpieces, but can you? For the chance to win a £20 Farmhouse Inns gift card and be crowned our baking champion of the month, we're asking you passionate amateur bakers of all ages to reach for your aprons, dust off your rolling pins and submit your show stoppers.

Join us at The Lock Inn