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10 Ways to Survive the Summer Holidays

With 63 per cent of British parents admitting they reach breaking point over the summer holidays as extreme boredom sets in, these tips for survival may just help:

  1. Encourage the kids to help with the planning. You can then try to incorporate some of the activities they are most excited about into your summer.
  2. Step outside, even if it’s just into your own garden. You could even task the little ones with finding certain objects, from stones to a snail shell, for example.
  3. Plan for a small treat - it doesn’t have to be expensive. Our delicious ice creams start from £1.99 and can be taken away with you. We’ll even give you a free scoop with every kids’ meal.
  4. Challenge the boredom and task the kids to come up with something to do, from building a den to making a card for a family birthday. Once they put their minds to it, the boredom will soon disappear!
  5. Let your budding chefs help with the cooking. Even adding their own pizza toppings will keep them entertained and mean one less job for you.
  6. Rope in the rest of the family to provide some ideas and help with fun activities.
  7. Eat out! Our kids’ menu is packed full of tasty meals, from only £2.99, including a scoop of ice cream.
  8. Put up a tent or make a camp for the kids to play in. Let their imaginations run wild.
  9. Plant some summer flowers. The whole family can get involved while ensuring your garden is summer ready.
  10. Find free local activities. When budgets are tight, free days out with a packed lunch are so much fun. Head to your local library or museum for a day out that won’t break the bank

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