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Have you pledged to start the new year healthy and alcohol-free?

Don't worry about navigating your way around the bar this January, we've got a fantastic range of delicious low-calorie soft drinks to quench your thirst, such as Cawston Sparkling Ginger Beer (89 kcal), R White's Raspberry Lemonade (56 kcal), R White's Pear & Elderflower Lemonade (56 kcal), Orangina (51 kcal) and more.

A different kind of Dry January

Handcrafted by England's oldest gin distillers, Greenall's Wild Berry Gin and Greenall's Blueberry Gin are our favourite gins this month, and not just for their wild and sweet naturally infused flavours, but because they contain zero sugars and are only 54 kcal and £3.99 when paired with a Schweppes slimline tonic too!

Schweppes slimline tonic pairs perfectly with these classics too, creating even more great low-calorie tipples, Gordon's London Dry (55 kcal), Tanqueray London Dry (56 kcal).

Guilt-free Drinking

If you fancy the taste and experience of a drink but without the alcohol units, then our no/low alcohol range is just the thing!

With Becks Blue (0%), Heineken 0.0 (0%), Peroni Libera (0%), Old Speckled Hen Low (0.5%), Kopparberg Non-Alcoholic Mixed Fruit Cider (0%) and Natureo White and Rose Wines (0%) to choose from, there's plenty of bottled beers, ciders and wines offering the refreshingly popular taste you love, with only the alcohol missing.

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